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What Should I Look for When Selecting a Lot to Build on?

I am asked this question quite often and while my response is usually tailored to the client’s objectives, there are some general things to keep in mind. If natural light is a priority for you, look for lot width as a priority. A wide lot allows me to design your home to maximize windows towards the front and back of the home. The amount of windows of a 75 x 110 ft lot is dramatically different than a 50 x 150 ft lot, and it will provide a greater sense of space between you and your neighbours.

The direction of your lot is also important. If you want to maximize sun exposure in your back yard, look for a backyard facing south to west. If shade and a escape from the summer’s afternoon sun in your backyard is important, try to find a east- to north-facing lot.

More and more people are looking for natural ventilation during the temperate months. Generally speaking, cross-breezes run from west to east. Strategically building windows to ‘catch’ the breeze encourages it to cross through the home as natural ventilation.

If a pool is a must-have, it may seem like common sense to try to find a level lot. Building retaining walls at the back of a sloped lot for a level area to build a pool can get expensive quickly. Ensure you become aware of any lot setbacks, flood plains, or other conformities that can impact what and where you can build. How big you can build depends on the city/town lot coverage by-laws, which we can help determine for you.

As always, please contact us with any questions and we are available to accompany you to a prospective site to help analyze the pros and cons when choosing a lot. It can be the most important decision you make!

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