Different roles, backgrounds, perspectives, and responsibilities but one common goal of pouring our hearts into building the perfect home for our clients.


Why I build – “I really enjoy using both sides of my brain and so I build homes to satisfy the creative aspect of building something that is architecturally challenging and profoundly impactful on our clients lives. I have also been described as a ‘laid back Type-A’ personality and I do crave data, research, efficiencies, and measurable processes to drive uncommon outcomes. Ultimately, I build so that our clients can feel intuitively better in their home and realize the profound benefits when a space feels completely natural.”

Ian MacFayden
COO (WELL™ AP, PassiveHouse™ Certified)

Why I build – “I began my career as a carpenter because I was drawn to the craftsmanship of fine woodworking. Throughout my apprenticeship my love for sustainable and healthy building practices grew and by the time I had achieved my Red Seal I had fallen in love with the power we as builders have in shaping our world for future generations. My vision for the future includes sustainably built homes that cause health and wellness for their occupants. I build so I can share that passion with all of our stakeholders.”

Sandra Bye

Project Manager (Team Lead)

Syed Byhaqi

(M.Sc. Arch, Energy & Sustainability, B.Arch) – Building Information Modelling (BIM) Manager

Garth Gaston

(M. Eng) – Operations Manager

Denis West

Site Manager

Dave Veitch

Site Manager (Georgian Bay & Muskoka)

Claire Merry

Site Manager

Mel Brown

Finance & Office Manager

Naia Moraes

BIM Coordinator

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