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How to Ensure a Terrific Custom Home Build Experience

The number one factor in determining the success or failure of a great custom home-building experience is COMMUNICATION. Often I hear from clients who have had previous bad experiences when building, which is usually somehow related to a lack of communication on the builder’s side that ended up frustrating the homeowner.

The best tool used for HummingbirdHill Homes clients is an owner’s very own dedicated HHH builder app accessible from our clients’ phones, tablets, or computers anywhere in the world that communicates in real time – things like schedules, budgets, progress photos, selection options, change orders, sub-trade contracts, liability insurance certificates, and warranty coverages. In today’s world, our clients need to have the ability to stay up-to-date with progress with real time visuals and communication, even when traveling. This widely-accessible app is invaluable and a great way to ensure we communicate effectively and at convenient times for our clients.

Building your dream home can also mean hundreds of decisions, which for some people can be overwhelming. Let’s face it, not everyone is a designer or has the time to ensure selections flow together and remain reflective of the intended style. At HummingbirdHill, we have a short list of designers we have selected based on experience – including celebrity TV designers. We can facilitate the necessary services to ensure your custom home is a reflection of you, not to mention looking like it should be featured in House & Home (we know because we’ve actually done it!).

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