We build fine architecture

That enhances your capacity to thrive

“There is no such thing as a neutral place. What we build either enhances or erodes our capacity to thrive.”


Our build process reconnects us with nature and maximizes all of the human senses to cause health and wellness for those who live there. We are rethinking the impact our built environments have on our lives and how it can enhance both our clients and the environments capacity to thrive.


Not all homes are created equal. Our goal is flawless execution with a proven process that provides exceptional value, accuracy, transparency, and control on behalf of our clients. We build relationships on trust–working together through our 3-Step process to homes that ultimately change lives.


We build fine architecture with a sustainability and health and wellness overlay. As a PassiveHouse™ + WELL™ Certified Builder, our homes are in a league of their own. Our homes are built to last generations, while offering a unique synergy between beautiful design, functionality and health & wellness.